420 Friend’s of Oklahoma 1st Annual Smoke-Out

420 Friend’s of Oklahoma held the Facebook group’s First Annual Smoke-Out at the Ravine Outdoor Adventure Park in Macomb. The group supports patients and stoners making friends all over Oklahoma.

It was a scorching hot two days with temperatures above 100 degrees. Regardless, dozens of brave group members made the trip to sesh with old and new friends.

Game on!
420 Friend’s of Oklahoma home base
Glorious tacos for all
Saint Marleys Lake and Bake Headware
Sesh tent filling up
Art and t-shirts by Desert Cactus Boutique bong giveaway
Event organizers Amanda and Christy
Thanks to all the sponsors for supporting the event

Check out the 420 Friend’s of Oklahoma Facebook page to make new like-minded friends. For the single stoner, join up with the group’s sister page 420 Single’s of Oklahoma.

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