A Sponsor Of Our UBI Show From Washington State That All Stoners Need To Know About

Well-known celebrities in multiple genres have been appearing on an epic Washington State dab interview show that raises the bar with each season. What makes this show interesting is The Dab Roast throws events that allow fans and consumers to meet some of the guests and be part of the process. has attended several Dab Roast events and can attest these are top-notch cannabis industry gatherings. In addition, other episodes are filmed in Southern California on the celebrities home turf allowing for a deeper pool of talent and the ability to produce more episodes in a production facility.

Names such as Shawn Kemp, Rose McGowan, Michael Winslow, Peter Dante, Koala Puffs and soon to Oscar nominated Simon Rex AKA Dirt Nasty have taken the dab interview challenge. The show is known to do its research and is able to capture moments when the celebrity reveals aspects of themselves that may be missed in typical interviews.

Host Chris Crazy is a staple in the Washington State cannabis and music industries bringing a smooth and entertaining vibe to the show. is proud to have The Dab Roast as an official sponsor for our UBI Unleashed show and VIP Meet & Blaze after party. The Dab Roast helped acquire the deal with UBI and is an experienced ear to bounce best practices for cannabis and music event facilitation.

The Dab Roast is currently gearing up for an interesting 2022. Check out the shows future celebrity guests on The Dab Roast YT channel, Instagram and Facebook.

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