Oklahoma: Bluntzman Walk The Walk For Mental Health Awareness

BluntZman Pics: Desiree Morehead

Tony “BluntZman” Andrews is a man on a mission to raise both awareness and funds for local non-profit organizations that help people who struggle with mental illness.

BluntZman is a recovering addict who has an understanding of taking a stand and action to tackle his own addiction and mental health challenges.

Between February 8th – 12th BluntZman will be walking from Arcadia to Tulsa, a distance of 90 miles.

BlazingAmerica: Your five-day walk starting at Pops Gas Station in Arcadia to the Smoklahoma Lounge in Tulsa is a 90 miles trek in the dead of winter. This is a bold journey, are you ready for the challenges that will be presented?

BluntZman: I’m definitely trying to be physically and mentally prepared!! I’m determined and with my suffering with mental illness, I think this walk will help me clear my mind as well as raising money for a good cause.

BlazingAmerica: What is your current training for this journey?

BluntZman: I’m walking back and forth from Lahoma to Enid!! Treadmill walking, a lot of praying, honestly watching what I eat and trying to completely cut cigarettes out of my life.

BlazingAmerica: Will the route include historic Rt. 66?

BluntZman: Yes, that is the road I will be walking to Tulsa, super excited!!!!

BlazingAmerica: How has cannabis helped with your own addiction recovery and as a mental health harm reduction agent?

BluntZman: I’ve been clean 21 months on January 19th. Cannabis helped me beat my meth addiction and about 6 months ago I got off all my bipolar medicine. I’m 100% pharmaceutical free thanks to cannabis.

BlazingAmerica: My own experience with addiction and mental health challenges has led me to learn to go to the light where people are active with positively changing their life and addressing their challenges head on. Can you elaborate on your experience with going to where there is light and how others can tackle mental health issues?

BluntZan: Millions and millions of people suffer from mental illness, a lot never even diagnosed!! I want to end the stigma on mental health I want people to know that it’s okay to not be okay and it’s okay to go get help. It’s okay to talk about our problems most importantly, it’s okay to break the generational curses, it’s okay to heal and it’s okay to help others heal and I feel cannabis has helped me do this!

Join Bluntzman at the Smoklahoma Lounge at 1865 S. Sheridan Rd. in Tulsa after his long four-day walk. An amazing Studenglass will be giving away as a door prize.

Grammy nominated Lester Shaw owner of Tulsa’s The Motherland dispensary will be hosting the event and speaking on his mental health experience.

Contact BluntZman for vendor/sponsorship information.

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