Oklahoma: Cannacian Certificate Course at the Sesh Lounge – Tulsa

A group of students consisting of budtenders, patients and local businesswomen attended a live course of levels 1, 2, and 3 of the cannacian certificate course over two classes at the Sesh Lounge in Tulsa.

The eCS Therapy Center’s cannacian training is nationally accredited and is approved by the American Academy of Physicians as a therapeutic cannabis curriculum.

A cannacian is trained for incorporating cannabis therapy into a person’s existing lifestyle in order to enhance the patient’s overall quality of life.

Lisa and friend with OMM Directory sponsoring the event
Sushi time!
Come get your picture taken correctly for your OMMA card at the Sesh Lounge
Cannacian certification class ready to go
Class of 7 students starting their cannacian experience at level 1
Student with class book
Student with class book
Instructor digging into content
Instructor digging into content
Cannabinoid Receptors knowledge
Cannabinoid receptors
Class getting interactive

For more information on cannacian training check out the above video on an Introduction to Cannacian Certification and The eCS Therapy Center website.

Keep an eye on the Sesh Lounge’s Facebook page for different types of future events.    

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