Activities and Attractions Galore at this Weekends Castio Farms CAT 4:15 Farm Fest – Ponca City, OK

The depth of activity and attraction choices is deep at the inaugural Castio Farms CAT 4:15 Farm Fest on April 16th/17th in Ponca City, Oklahoma.  

Sports enthusiast can try to become the champion of the golf and disc golf tournaments. Other options include the Stoner Olympic Games and Volleyball & Bongs.

Music lovers can check out dope artists, including: Chris Webby, Mendo Dope Boys, Rod Marley & Kid Lennon, Oklahoma local Epidemic Outrage, and many more artists.

Educational speakers of all types will be holding classes throughout the two-day event.

A ton of other activities including multiple parades, helicopter rides, Airforce fly overs, beach party, charity auction and much more. The Children’s Village has services listed above to entertain kids and to help parents have a more relaxing event.

Dynamic cannabis vendors from all over the state will be present.

Check out the Castio Farms event page for more information.



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