Castio Farms Cat 4:15 Farm Fest Music Lineup Heating Up

The Castio Farms Cat 4:15 Farm Fest music lineup is forming up to be pure fire, including Chris Webby, The Mendo Dope Boys, Oklahoma local Epidemic Outrage and many more artists.

Chris Webby is an East Coast artist whose song Chemical Romance debuted at 25 on the Billboard 200 in 2014.

The Mendo Dope Boys are growers/rappers with a deep history in Northern California’s cannabis culture.

Epidemic Outrage is an Oklahoma based rapper with a developing concentrate brand in the local cannabis industry.

Information on the entire developing lineup can be found on Castio Farms website.

The Farm Fest is a free general admission event, with VIP passes available for an enhanced experience for both days. Keep up with updates with the event on Castio Farms Instagram feed.

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