Oregon: Flower Shopping at Cookies Sister Brand Lemonnade

Take a drive down Pacific Highway in Tigard, Oregon, and you will be surprised to find a quaint black shop detailed with yellow accents just off of SW 65th St. Lemonnade has made a name for itself as a flavorful dispensary with a fruitful selection of cannabis.

Inside the compact weed shop, the Lemonnade theme was splashed everywhere. From their branded lemon sign on the wall to their edible line, the swag on display, and even the yellow containers where you can look at the bud before buying it.

I happened to have 10 1 dollar bills on me, so I decided to go in for a $10 gram. Their excellent selection of weed did not disappoint! Not only did they have an array of Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids to choose from, but they also had plenty of flower options for nearly any price tier you were looking for.

After examining several options from the center display of flower strains, I decided on Wedding Cake. It was an Indica from Alpha Flora that contained 23.4% THC & .12 CBD.

Along the wall was a large display of boxes that were painted different hues of yellow. These fluorescent boxes contained all of their bulk flower. The Budtender reached into the “Wedding Cake” box and weighed me up.

Just like that, I was out the door.

I came home and opened my mini dram to examine my gram. It was bright green, earthy smelling, and had frosty crystals throughout its leaves. A steal for just $10! I packed the herb into a bowl and felt instantly relaxed as the euphoric Indica filled my living room with smoke.

After reflecting on the quick and easy service, I can’t help but wonder what other buds I was missing out on. There was such a great selection of herb, I can’t wait to go back to try another strain!

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