Oregon: Jim Belushi Meet and Greet – Curaleaf – Portland

Those who have been in the cannabis industry the past decade have seen their fair share of celebrity brand integrations.   

The question has emerged, is Jim Belushi just another wannabe cannabis celeb, or is he a rare breed among the growing list of canna-celebs in the industry, one that actually cares both about his product and consumers.

The word around the block is Jim Belushi’s doings at his farm in Southern Oregon and as a cannabis activist are the real deal, not another celeb in it for the quick bucks or the new cannabis glory.

A reputation has grown that Jim has a tremendous passion for our plant, including an understanding of the medicinal value that cannabis brings to medical patients. Jim has spoken about how he felt cannabis could of helped his brother cope with a traumatic brain injury from football and impactful conversations with cannabis medical patients.

Along with owning a legit farm, Mr. Belushi also has become known in the industry for being a heck of a nice guy, shedding the smug Hollywood image many earn when they ascend the A-list ladder.

TokingOregon.com, jumped at the chance to meet the legend at his farm’s Captain Jack strain launch at Curaleaf in Portland. As a Gen Xer who grew up on his brother’s movies and Jim’s classics such as K-9, Red Heat, and The Principal, it was an exciting moment to meet a fellow West Suburb Chicago native.

Fan brings his own K-9 for a shot

Being greeted by Jim and talking about our home area and cannabis was quite the experience. His iconic laugh is the same from the movies and it feels like your talking to an old friend. Genuine and kind, Jim is the type of guy who can work the industry circuit and walk away with a 1000 new fans and not one disappointment. A true man of the people, with a line of weed to please even the pickiest of tokers.

Toking Oregon grabbed a few items from the Blues Brothers line and was not disappointed.

A Stardawg strain preroll at 24% THC burned incredibly well, allowing for smooth hits off this tasty one gram treat.

The Blues Brothers Greatest Hits contain six little Cherry Pie 17.5% THC bullets, perfect for a single sitting, burned perfectly and gave a much needed boost.

If you happen to be in the area of a Jim Belushi store visit, don’t hesitate to meet the actor turned farmer, you won’t regret the experience.

Keep an eye on Belushi’s Farm Facebook page for product updates and meet and greets.

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