Oregon: Sativa The Secret Shopper Picking Up Edibles At Electric Lettuce

From fine taste to the finest flower, Electric Lettuce has made a name for itself as a groovy dispensary that cares about quality inside and out. The sixties and seventies themed cannabis store stands out as a vibrant building with a brilliant colored painted exterior and large glass windows.

Upon entering, Electric Lettuce is full of decor that throws you back in time yet has an organized aesthetic, which make finding the perfect cannabis goods an easy task.

At this location, there are separate displays for each commodity.

The unique style makes Electric Lettuce stand out from any other dispensary. Wherever you look, there is a piece of culture from the sixties or seventies era. From records and cartoon paintings on the wall to factoids about music legends, this dispensary is by far one of the most entertaining in Portland’s cannabis industry.

I was on a mission to find the perfect chocolate flavored edible. The kind Budtender led me to the backend display, where they had a great selection of cannabis treats available.

From large freezers to a simplistic show of different edible lines, it was clear this decision was not going to be easy. After weighing my options of cookies, gummies, mints, and chocolates, I eventually decided on the Fudge Yourself edible from the refrigerator section. The name made me laugh, and the product was compact and sounded delicious! I told the Budtender “Peace out!” and headed back to my place.

The True test: Trying it.

I got home and took out my child-proof zip lock bag. It had a fancy Electric Lettuce branded logo on one side and said “Operating on a Higher Frequency” on the other side. I thought back to the instructions the Budtender had told me about how to open the packaging, and luckily I figured it out and opened it with ease.

The Fudge Yourself: Double Chocolate Chill came in a little blue box. When I opened it, I was surprised to see a bright orange box decorated with a confetti print. So fun! It was holding a shiny blue foil that was covering the Indica dominant edible. I unwrapped the foil and revealed a perfectly smooth looking fudge bar! 

I read up on the ingredients and was pleased to see it looked like a pretty clean recipe. After a few bites, I realized this was not only a delicious rich-chocolatey treat but also very potent! I felt calm and over-all very relaxed. It’s the kind of edible that you can share, save for later, or eat the whole thing and pass the fudge out!

Electric Lettuce

2795 SE Tualatin Valley Hwy, Hillsboro, OR

TokingOregon.com welcomes Sativa The Secret Shopper to the team. Sativa will be visiting dispensaries in the Portland area to discover dope stores and products. Check back soon to see where Sativa visits next and the products she tests!

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