Oregon: The North West Cannabis Club in the Time of Covid

Publisher’s Note: Unfortunately, since the publishing of this article the NW Cannabis has permanently closed due Oregon’s new Covid restrictions. For pics of this legendary cannabis club check out old event posts on BlazingWashington.

TokingOregon first discovered The North West Cannabis Club back in April of 2018. The content was used to relaunch our sister site BlazingWashington.com after an eight-month hiatus. The club shined right away, mostly for the size of the venue, the never-ending number of events and the friendliness of the staff and members. I ended up returning to the club around eight times throughout the next few years, including holding my own event at the club in early 2019.

Basement painting class – 2018
NW Cannabis Club Member Appreciation event – 2018

While the physical aspects of the club played a big role of my instant love of the club, it was the ideals the club stood for that really drew me in, the concepts of freedom, collaboration and a safe cannabis friendly venue to facilitate business.

I first came back to the club in June after Covid struck. This was the period of time when things were not looking very hopeful as the numbers were plummeting. The club just opened back up after three months of zero revenue.

There was a small hope in the air with a small crowd for a music event. It appeared as the industry was coming back alive, but it was a false front.

Covid still held a lot of fear and the majority of people just watched on the sidelines. The brands for the most part didn’t come back, and only a small core of loyalist and a few new members were passing through.

Just when things were coming back, the door was slammed with the bad news of July, that Covid was not going to surrender. Numbers spiked and the reality set in that we were in a few multi-year disruption.

But Mike and the staff decided to fight.

A Go Fund Me was launched, an auction was held and a general SOS has been sent out to the community.

Live music and other types of events are being rolled and there is life in the club. While this may help bring in a few bucks, it may not be enough.

What the club needs is support from a core group of members.

Members who will say, “I will support the club, no matter what”.

The best way to help is through a charter member or business membership. If 200 members and a core of businesses would take the step, a lot of problems could be solved. On top of the cash revenue, a collective stand will be made, and the positive energy will help find sustainable solutions for the long-term longevity of the NWCC and other clubs even in the darkest period of modern humanity.

BlazingWashington is proud to be member #12207 and as TokingOregon with a new business membership becoming Charter Member #16.

Charter memberships are available for $195 or for $25 with monthly payments. Members will have responsibilities that are outlined in the below graphic. In order for this membership format to work, members need to take a vested interest in the success and growth of the club.

For businesses, $495 invested into the club goes a long way. Included in this deal is no cost party and meeting space, which is a steal as event space in a major city is not cheap.

The NWCC is a one of a kind venue, that will be impossible to replace. If you haven’t visited the NWCC, drop by and support with both your presence and becoming an active charter member.

Keep up with developments at the NWCC on the club’s Instagram page.

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