UBI Show Door And Meet & Blaze Price Drop – Will Take Decent loss But These 2 Events Have Epic Potential And Prefer An Amazing Crowd

In the end, I just wanted to throw a beyond dope authentic cannabis event at a consumption friendly space that celebrates our beautiful plant, music and the different communities that come together for a gathering like this.

Resistance of all sorts has presented itself, from the mandatory OMMA card needed crushing ticket sales, no alcohol being sold, not the worst but not the best hood, still in a pandemic, and the lessons from being a new brand in the Oklahoma cannabis industry and music scene.

While I still expect over 100 guests to come through with comps, contest winners, and sponsors, I’d love to fill the room to over 200 and have decided to drop the price of both events. The show will be $15 and the after party Meet & Blaze will be $20. And while this still may not entice many to come out, I can assure you this is a steal for this level of artist and the awesomeness I believe these two events will deliver.

In addition, something special is happening over at While a lot of work has to be done, after 7 years of working 4 different state cannabis industries, I’m making long over due moves with sizable creative and business teams. I hold events for several reasons as I love the joy of bringing people together, but now as a brand I use my own events as a try-out of sorts for those I collaborate with and the networking I do with like-minded guests.

I hope to meet and blaze with as many people as possible on Saturday and create a memorable evening with all.

Best regards,

Justin Cohen

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