Oklahoma: West Tulsa’s 3 Bud’s 1st Annual Cannabis Carnival

3 Bud’s Dispensary is perfectly positioned off the north side of I-44 serving both West Tulsa residents and for travelers seeking a medication access point when entering Tulsa and for those traveling towards OKC.

The dispensary is a family operation where the owner can be found budtending alongside with friendly store staff. caught 3 Bud’s 1st Annual Cannabis Carnival on a cloudy, but lovely May afternoon.

Crowd building up
DJ providing the positive vibes
SAP Xtrax infused joint was spectacular
SAP Xtrax Premium Cannabis Distillate Cartridge with built in battery

Rumor has it 3 Bud’s may have more events in the works. Keep an eye on the store’s Facebook page for deals and events at the dispensary in the near future.

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